Only 20% of Indian Engineers are directly fit in Core Engineering jobs, says survey.

Indian Engineers:

India is one of the major countries producing around 1.5 Millions of Engineers every year to cater the Indian and Global needs. Also Indian engineers are serving with top companies globally and infact leading some fortune 500 companies on leadership roles.

Alarming Facts

Only three per cent of engineer graduates in India get high- quality tech jobs with salary packages of Rs 8-10 Lakh and above according to a report released in The Times of India.

The Data provided by Scaler – a platform by edtech start -up interviewBit, showed that over 80 per cent of these graduates end up pursuing non-technical career due to non-availability of employment opportunities.

The new Annual Employability Survey 2019 report by Aspiring Minds reveals that 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy and only 2.5% of them possess tech skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that industry requires.

Recent Survey done by India Skill Report 2021 – Reveal the Engineers employability is only between 40 – 48%. Or they only industry fit.

Also NASCOM – 2019 survey states that only 2.5 Lacs are getting job in their core engineering Industry. That too mostly in Elec and Software industries.

What is the Cause?

This raises big question on the quality of engineering graduates. Day by Day number of colleges are getting added without improving the employability index. More push and thrive given to start up and entrepreneurial but without addressing the employability capability.

Why is this Big Gap ?

Looking at the present digital requirement post pandemic the requirement is completely different and putting more pressure on students to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Machine learning, Virtual reality, Block Chain, IIOT, Robotic Process Automation and much more digital and sustainable drive. Whereas only 4% of engineer possess these skills and ready to industry fit.

The Indian technical institutes emphasis and priories on technical writing skills & memory rather than improving technical competency and other soft skills.


Need for Reformation :

  • In today’s dynamic world, one engineer with one discipline knowledge is not enough Mechanical students should learn Electronics/PLC/ Automation as an additional, which is addressed in NEP.
  • Faculties need to get updated with new age technology requirements with Application rather than bookish knowledge. I
  • Institute can hire Experienced industry professionals to focus on case study and use cases implemented.
  • Engineering Education has to take a good look at itself and find Innovative skills testing mechanism.
  • Technical skills like analysis, problem solving, design thinking, coding critical thinking and testing needs to be included with the skills testing strategy.
  • pre graduate/postgraduate/students should be permitted to get into industry to do internship and training.

Institutional Autonomy:

The engineering curriculum must also permit students to go to one year internship our projects in industry without improving their technical skills training of students to make them more employable in industry it is futile to produce more engineering students more ones institution autonomy means nothing if Indian university are just following the practices of British colonial administration another major barrier is having an ocean wide nationwide curriculum as it doesn’t give university the freedom to adopt to associated geography based industry requirement the present situation also represent a terrible failure for regulating agency who are more broadly responsible for planning monitoring and controlling Indian engineering education to think beyond the boundary and acquire employable skill to get hired in the cross borders

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